Thursday, January 11, 2007


While the largest mobile handheld manufacturer Nokia is going in direction Internet and Skype, one of the leading Internet companies is going into the other direction: Apple.

Everybody is now talking about iPhone and tries to make sense out of it, e.g.:

Brain Teasers on the iPhone and Apple's iPhone Surprises Despite Rumo(u)rs

This is really a nice gadget, although it will show up only mid 2007 (and in Europe end of 2007).
The human interface is well designed, as we are already used from the Macs and iPod.

But it has two serious drawbacks: in the US, you get it only from Cingular and it does not support UMTS. I thought they have learned the lesson from the closed Mac OS after the success from iPod and especially the usage of Intel processors, dual boot (and Parallels).

Since this will never be accepted and work in Europe (see Europe will be different for IPhone), and may hope that also the UMTS problem will be solved until end of 2007.

Then the iPhone will be a very useful FMC device, providing broadband voice via UMTS and WiFi, both for IMS Rel.7 and Skype. And it will be the end-users choice what to use. You may even do not need circuit-switched voice.

There's one _really_ bad design flaw:

non-replaceable battery.
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