Monday, February 05, 2007

KPN will shut down PSTN in 2010 

Deutsche Telecom said it will shut down the PSTN in 2019, British Telecom said it will have the 21CN fully in place 2015, and now KPN is already at 2010.

I currently have only German references from and (in German):

KPN will shut down completely its traditional phone network in 2010. Calls will then be provided only via VoIP, says Eelco Blok, responsible for the fixed network part of KPN to the "Wirtschaftswoche".

This changes the telecom-infrastructure completely, a lot of workplace will not be required anymore.

This will be done in some cases without the users really noticing it, e.g. with customers from Arcor and Alice in Germany. Also Deutsche Telecom is moving in this direction.

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