Monday, April 02, 2007

Five Busy Weeks 

The last 5 weeks have been very busy.

It started with an ETSI TISPAN WG4 meeting in Darmstadt 27. February to 2. March. WG4 is dealing with Numbering/Naming and Address Resolution in NGN.

This was followed by the "IIR ENUM Conference in London, UK on 6.-7. March.

The speakers where the ususal suspects: Tony Holmes, Ronan Lupton, Kim Fullbrook, Penn Pfautz, Andy Reid, Richard Shockey, Paul Rosbotham, John Wilkinson, Robert Schischka, Karen Mulberry, Martin Hoffman, Gary Richenaker and myself.

The presentation from Paul Rosbotham (C&W) was very interesting, because he explained the future ideas in UK about Number Portability. Here it fits that Andy Reid (BT) said in his presentation one should look forwards and not backwards. I hope that this proposal on NP is not the last word. My presentation can be found here.

The next week I was in Budapest speaking at the VIB Conference Global VoIP Strategies, 13.-14 March. I was speaking about VoIP Interconnection and my presentation is here.

From 19.-23. March, I was in Prague at the IETF#68.

The ENUM WG is nearing its end and will be closing down soon. The Infrastructure ENUM drafts are ready and may be sent over to ITU-T with a liaison statement, so god and the IESG will. What is required still is a method to create Enumservices without WG involvement.

SPEERMINT is working on use-cases for VoIP and IM. Afterwards the WG will create requirements and then maybe an interconnect architecture.

From 26.-30. March I was again at ETSI TISPAN 13bis, this time in Sophia Antipolis. The meeting produced again over 500 temporary documents.

WG4 is slowly sorting out their documents, creating an umbrella document on Numbering/naming Address Resolution (NAR), pointing to the three main functions (each contained in a separate detailed document):

-processing of dialled digits to target names (major problem: handling of non-E.164 numbers)
-target name to address translation (e.g. ENUM, LoST, ..)
-route determination (finding a route from a SIP-URI)

TISPAN is slowly discovering that they need some kind of NNI and some means to interconnect.

Now I am finally enjoying my easter vacation ;-)

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