Thursday, May 31, 2007

+353 Irish ENUM Registry opens today 

Some things may take a while, some may take even longer. At March 22, 2006 (14 month ago) I posted: Irish-Austrian Consortium Provides ENUM Services in Ireland.

The Irish Commision for Communication Regulation (ComReg) announced today officially that an Irish-Austrian Consortium wins competition for the provision of ENUM services in Ireland.

December 19, 2006 I wondered what was going on and see, instantly they re-acted and immediately afterwards ENUM went into commercial service in Ireland:

IENUM, the Irish ENUM Registry opened service today. Some snippets from the news:

IENUM Limited, a 70% subsidiary of the IE Domain Registry (IEDR), today announced the availability of user ENUM (Electronic Numbering) services for telephone number holders in Ireland.

Ireland is now the seventh country to announce the availability of ENUM services. IENUM Limited was selected as the Tier 1 ENUM registry following the first international commercial tender process. The IEDR's partner in the IENUM consortium is Internet Privatstiftung Austria (IPA), the Austrian organisation which operates the .at domain name and provided the first commercial ENUM registry service in the world.

ENUM domains can now be registered at for Geographic telephone numbers (eg 01 or 045 etc), Mobile phone numbers, '076' Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) numbers, and '0700' Personal Number Service numbers. The cost of an ENUM domain is 1 euro per month plus a validation fee, currently 25 euro payable on first registration, and 5 euro on revalidation.

ComReg's Chairperson, Mike Byrne, said: ComReg is encouraged to see the emergence of ENUM as a full commercial service in Ireland today. ENUM has the potential to be a key enabler of advanced IP-based services. ComReg has been to the fore in encouraging the development of ENUM in Ireland and we are pleased to welcome the opening of IENUM's service which we see as an innovative and potentially valuable new communications facility for Irish consumers.

BTW, next week I will be chairing the ENUM and VoIP Peering Forum 2007 in Berlin, and Mike Byrne will speak about ENUM from a Regulators Perspective. The two day conference will feature also other very interesting speakers:

Carsten Schiefner (DT, RIPE and Denic), Andrzej Bartosiewicz (NASK), John Horrocks (ETSI), Kim Fullbrook (O2 UK, GSMA), Robert Schischka (, Thomas de Haan (Ministry of Economic Affairs, NL), Chan-Ki Park (NIDA, Korea), Rodrigue Ullens (Voxbone), Xavier Casajoana (VozTelecom), Wilhelm Wimmreuter, Pieter Nooren (TNO, NL), Tony Holmes (BT, ENUM UK, ETSI), Ondrej Filip (CZ.NIC) and last, but not least Richard Shockey (Neustar, IETF ENUM).

On Monday afternoon, Adrian Georgescu (AG Projects) will lead a half-day interactive workshop on sucessfull business model for ENUM.

My presentation can be retrieved from here.

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