Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Sentiro Claims ENUM First

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TWICKENHAM, U.K. -- Shortly after announcing the first ever-commercial Voice over broadband service using ENUM technology and the +87810 number range ( Sentiro Ltd. rolls out the first worldwide commercial ENUM service ) Sentiro have successfully completed calls between its own network and the free world dialup domain (www.fwd.pulver.com) using ENUM as the peering protocol. Users on either network can seamlessly connect to each other without having to insert prefixes before dialling a number. This immediately improves the user experience and significantly increases the number of people they can call for free.

"This is the first step on the road to creating a truly global VoIP world as more and more networks and service providers enter in to peering agreements employing ENUM technology and the +87810 number range. Also, our Business users can now connect their IP-PBXs and benefit from expanding their business phone systems to multiple branch office sites, producing voice traffic calls between offices over an IP network with significant cost savings and ease of network administration. Dialling branch offices is as easy as calling an extension down the hall.," said Alex Nikolov, Technical Director at Sentiro.

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