Monday, August 23, 2004

Pony Express

Hi Guys,

after a short stop over of two weeks in Ottawa, Ont., to recover from the last IETF in San Diego and to recollect my family spread out all over the world, and staying (mostly) off the Internet on purpose, I am finally back to work. VoIP was still a topic, since I found out that there where already articles about VoIP in non-tech papers such as the Globe and Mail and the Ottawa Citizen.

That VoIP seems unstoppable now can also be seen in the Monday Matchup from "VoIP Vs. Conventional Telephones"

It starts with:

"NEW YORK - Traditional phone systems may be going the way of the Pony Express. Voice-over-Internet Protocol, technology that allows users to make and receive phone calls using the Internet, is giving the old circuit-switched system a run for its money."

and ends with:

"It remains to be seen which companies will come out on top, but it's increasingly clear that in the battle of VoIP versus circuit switching, the conventional system is on the ropes. It's no longer a question of whether VoIP will supplant conventional phone systems, but when."

For the full article see: VoIP Vs. Conventional Telephones

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