Friday, February 25, 2005

Another Vapor from Popular Telephony Vaporware 

Normally I would ignore PT since some time, but now I still try it, because I really want to know when they will be finally able to get a SW out that works. Some time ago they announced that they service is now "really" available, so I downloaded the PT Inspector once again, having already discovered that it is not upgrading itself automatically. The result was, that it showed the first time the possibility to login somewhere, but immediately replaced by a pop-up window announcing that it does not work behind a firewall.

Ok so I had to wait until a time when I was not, which was this week at APRICOT. What was the result: another pop-up window telling me that it does not work because I have no Internet connection. Of course the gnup.exe was the only program ton my laptop havin this esperience.

Today I found a blog entry on the VoIP Blog: PT Breaking News that PT is now working via NATs.

Ok, so I downloaded the PT Inspector once again and installed it, the PT Inspector downloaded the gnup.exe and the GNUP application tells me in a pop-up:

Network is down

Due to absence of Internet connection on your workstation we unable to communicate with the Peerio network right now. Blah blah ... (retry or quit).

The Pop-up is still there and retrying.

I just have one question to you idiots: How did I post this entry if I do not have an Internet connection?

But Dmitry is still invited to panels and making jokes. His GNUP/Peerio/whatever is a joke. He should first get his SW working. I am wondering that still people are taking this serious.

Amen. I've been interested in trying a Peerio product for more than a year. Was waiting for Peerio444. Never came. Now they tell me it's part of gnup. I too downloaded PTInspector and got a similar message. PTinspector tries to download whatever it's supposed to download, and it just sits there at 0% progress. The Advanced button says 'no internet connection available.'

Let's see a product, already.
For information: the current GNUP for Windows beta software is operating solely with Windows XP. Other Win versions' support may follow.

All interested are welcome to visit Popular Telephony booth at the coming Spring VON show (San Jose, 7-10 March) to learn more about the technology and applications, see demos and ... well, to chill out a little bit.
You are idiot yourself, upgrade to XP, moron
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