Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I already reported about the ENUM/SIP Demo here at Apricot. Yoshiro YONEYA presented at the APEET BoF on Tuesday the details about the demo. The presentation given can also be downloded there. Today finally the Admin Manual for the Hitachi WirelessSIP 5000 was distributed. Also on Tuesday Rich Shockey from Neustar gave an excellent ENUM Tutorial.

The conference started on Wednesday and had a stream organised also by APEET on Internet Telephony, chaired by James Seng and Yoshiro Yoneya. I had the honor to present ENUM in Austria in a morning session. In the afternoon a second session on ENUM was scheduled, presenting the status of ENUM in China, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. Korea was missing, because Sungwoo Shin is in Geneva and presented the Korean Trial there. All presentations (including Korea) may be downloaded from here.

I was very impressed by all presentations, they all are very advanced and one may ask why they are still called trials. Some are already planning a pre-commercial phase, but why waiting?

I personally liked the presentation from Xiaodong Lee from China because of the downloads available on the website:
  • the ENUM Toolbar for IE, where one may query ENUM directly,
  • the IE Client, where you may enter an E.164 number in IE and get the webpage with Enumservice web:http (RFC 4002)
  • and finally my favorite, the Outlook client, which allows to enter an E.164 number in Outlook, if an Enumservice email:mailto is provided (see the (still stuck in IESG) draft-ietf-enum-msg-04).

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