Saturday, February 05, 2005

Domain Pulse 

As already mentioned I partizipated the last two days at Domain Pulse, the forum of DENICde, and

Most of the presentations given may be now downloaded via here.

The first day was mainly dealing with political issues, starting with an Introduction to ICANN, two keynotes, one from the Austrian State Secretary in the BMVIT and from the Austrian Regulator, continued with the history of the at. domain and then Harald Alvestrand explained How to make an RFC- Mechanisms and Background. The basic message was simple: you have to write a draft, talk much and then, most important, you have to WAIT... - How true. He did not explain to much about the background.

In the afternoon fun the topics were serious again: ICANN - WSIS - How much governance and regulation does the Internet need ? and Future vision from a busuness point of you.

The evening ended as usual in Vienna with a visit to a Heurigen in Gumpoldskirchen.

The second day started easy with a short Intro to ENUM by myself and Robert Schischka giving a short demo of how to use ENUM and modify an entry via

Then Robert Schischka, Sabine Dolderer and Marcel Parodi gave regional status reports regarding ENUM in Austria, Germany and Switzerland and I gave a short overview of the rest of the world.

Now the heavy technical stuff started with two execellent presentations, bringing the highlight of the day
  • DNSSec - Basics, Risks and Benefits by Olaf Kolkmann, RIPE NCC (PPT) and
  • IPv6 - International approach Hans-Peter Dittler, (PPT).
After this heavy stuff Bart Mackey from Verisign ended the morning with Business and Operational Challenges of Rapid Growth: Lessons Learned in .COM/.NET (PPT) giving some interesting figures.

After lunch the organizers had the excellent idea to invite Kabaret-Star Dolores Schmidinger to give a somewhat different point of view related to the Internet.

The day ended with the unavoidable discussion on SPAM.

I can only congratulate the crew from to this excellent and well organized event.

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