Tuesday, February 22, 2005

APRICOT 2005 and the ENUM/SIP Demo 

After spending the last week in Geneva at ITU-T SG2 (report to follow since it is still going on), I am spending this week in Kyoto at the APRICOT 2005. I am invited as a speaker to the conference - IP Telephony stream C1-1 - to talk on Wednesday about "ENUM in Austria - A status report of the first commercial ENUM implementation".

I already met many friends, e.g. Rich Shockey, giving a Tutorial on Tuesday on "ENUM Technology", and of course James Seng, one of the key players here giving presentations all over the place (must have been a challenge for the organizers not to schedule James twice at the same time ;-). James is of course enthusiastic over his APEET SIP/ENUM showcase he is running here. For more info on the trial see James Seng blog. Of course I also had to get a WiFI phone, but beeing late I only got the second choice (the phones without the USB cable, so you have to configure it on the phone). At the booth I met Desiree Miloshevic (AFILIAS) and Ching Chiao from TWNIC, and since James took care that the batteries of the phones are powered and the phones are preconfigured, we could try it out immediately. The rial is running nice and they also managed to get connectivity to some Asian countries and with the help of Patrik and Jeff also to Sweden and the US. One problem with the phones seems to be that you need public IP addresses, so they cannot do NAT traversal.

Ching is running the advanced ENUM trial in Taiwan, but they have troubles to get an official delegation because of the "delicate" situation between China and China.

The Hitachi-cable WiFI sip phones can handle NAT. In fact, it handles NAT Traversal using STUN and Static NAT.
Glad to hear this, James. I said seems, we will see if I am back home ;-)
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