Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Talking to the Dead or One Foot Under 

I just detected a new business case for VoIP. Some people think that there are 11 Techniques to Talk to the Dead, but a German entrepreneur launched a twelfth one - TelefonEngel, and patented it already in many countries.

Since the site is German, what he is offering is basically a mobile phone with a HUGE battery and a hands-free set a bereaved buries into the grave and now she can call (for approx. 12 month) and talk to the dear deceased one (or at least nag him). Since the called party may not be able or does not want to go off-hook, the phone is configured to auto-answer. Push-to-talk could even be better.

It is recommended by the company to bury the unit the size of a shoebox at least 1 feet under not to disturb conventional talkers at the grave and not to scare the living daylight out of innocent passers-by.

This could be a new business case for our wireline telcos to provide each grave with an always-on broadband Internet connection, an IP-phone, an e-mail and IM address, a webpage and finally a blog. Presence seems not to be an issue.

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