Friday, March 04, 2005

Port blocking by ISPs considered illegal in the US 

This is IMHO a very important decision for the future of the open Internet access.

As Jeff pointed out in his blog,

the FCC issued a consent decree yesterday with Madison Rivers Communications, LLC

with the following background:

On February 11, 2005, the Bureau issued a Letter of Inquiry (“LOI”) to Madison River, initiating an investigation. Specifically, the Bureau inquired about allegations that Madison River was blocking ports used for VoIP applications, thereby affecting customers’ ability to use VoIP through one or more VoIP service providers..

stating basically:

5. In order to resolve and terminate the Investigation, the Bureau requires,
and Madison Riveragrees, that Madison River shall not block ports used for
VoIP applications or otherwise prevent customers from using VoIP applications.

See alse the related statement of Mike Powell, still FCC chair.:
According to the terms of the consent decree, Madison River commits that it will refrain
from blocking VOIP traffic and ensure that such blocking will not recur. The company
will pay a contribution of $15,000 to the United States Treasury to settle this matter.

I hope that as similar attitude is adopted in Europe especially against mobile and cable operators. There are some already considering blocking of certain types of traffic and I know them all.

I will set one on top
This destroyes a major business case of SBC vendors.

Their analysts shall watch out!

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