Thursday, April 21, 2005

ENUM and Skype - enabled Softphone 

In my ENUM and Skype post on Sunday I proposed a method to enable ENUM for Skype by using the callto URI and the experimental Enumservice x-skype:callto, e.g.

IN NAPTR 100 100 "u" "E2U+x-skype:callto" "!^.*$!callto://detlev!" .

The Austrian ENUM Registry already provides an ENUM Softphone capable of making an ENUM query, recognizing this Enumservice and launching Skype with the callto URI if running. The author of the ENUM Softphone is Klaus Darilion.

The above mentioned link provides you with detailed instructions how to install the client.

BTW, is also providing a lot of information on other ENUM issues and is available in German and English.

Having read the ENUM RFC, I would suggest to use "X-skype" instead of "x-skype". The upper-case "X-" has very long tradition back to the early days of RFC822.


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