Sunday, June 26, 2005

Shocking - ETSI under Investigation 

Due to my blog back-log, I discovered this post a bit late - David Isenberg is shocked and I am too ;-) He is pointing to Forbes, reporting the following:

EU confirms investigation into telecom standards body

BRUSSELS (AFX) - The European Commission has confirmed a story in the Financial Times, saying it is investigating the EU's main telecoms standards body to determine if it is favouring particular companies' technology.

The commission fears that the European Telecommunications Standards Institute is setting industry-wide rules that force companies to use technology provided by one company.

In practice, this means that companies operating in the sector that are close to ETSI could be pushing their technologies forward as a standard, giving themselves an unfair leading edge in the market.

Jonathan Todd, spokesman for competition at the commission, said: 'The commission is investigating with a view to ensuring that standards are set in a transparent manner without favouring any one particular company.'

Tony Rutkowski comments:

ETSI's processes are among the most open and transparent in the works, with very large numbers of participants. The referenced "investigation" appears to be little more than a hypothetical double-check. One wonders what would be found if other telecom standards bodies were subject to the same level of scrutiny.

I can only agree here: considering e.g. the IETF also is a telecommunication standards body and some times I have the impression the works are not so transparent and open ....

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