Wednesday, June 22, 2005

UK and French EU Contribution - Nebbich 

The EU Summit failed and everybody is blaming everybody (except the new members - they where the only ones which wanted to compromise, and Junckers blushed shamefully). But what was all this about: each UK citizen has to pay netto 69 Euro and the French only 32 Euro per year. Is this worthwhile to let the whole EU construct fall apart?

From a Vienna citizen's point of view I can only say: Nebbich.

I already stated here that the Vienna goverment alone has more civil servants then the whole EU. Today there was an article in a Vienna Newpaper that each Vienna citizen has to pay 21 Euro ONLY for the public relations expenses of the Vienna politicians. I really do not want to know what we pay for the whole Vienna government, not to mention the Austrian government. What we have to pay for the EU is compared to this below any threshold of perception.

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