Friday, June 10, 2005

EU logging spam 

Steve from Eurorotechnews points to a Net4Nowt :: News Story about a new directive from the Commision which is forcing the ISPs to keep a log containing basically the data how many spam messages one receives. VoIP providers now need to keep track that Detlev32 has called RingoStar4711 and when. Of course on their own expense as usual.

Another stupid act of some European politicians, but not all:

The European Parliament's efforts to stop the contentious Framework Decision on Data Retention have failed. Under it, ISPs and telcos will now be compelled to collect data on their users.

Unfortunately, despite the measures the European Parliament committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) believe "Individuals involved in organised crime and terrorism will easily find a way to prevent their data from being traced," "Possible ways of doing so include using 'front men' to buy telephone cards or switching between mobile phones from foreign providers, using public telephones, changing the IP or e-mail address when using an e-mail service or simply using Internet service providers outside Europe not subject to data retention obligations. If all the traffic data covered by the proposal did indeed have to be stored, the network of a large Internet provider would, even at today's traffic levels, accumulate a data volume of 20 - 40 000 terabytes.

The act requires phone companies and ISPs to retain customer data such as the time, date and location of sent and received emails and phone calls for 12 to 36 months. The content of the communications, however, will not be retained.”

How nice.

dear richard, the proposal was actually put forward by 4 member states (UK, IE, SWE & FR) last summer and it has been proceeding thru the legislative processes since that time. the Commission are claiming that the framework decision put forward is illegal due to it impacting upon economic/social factors in the european community whereas the member states claim it is in the preserve of justice & home affairs and therefore nothing to do with the commission. The parliament only have a consultative role when member states propose legislation under pillar 3 (JHA) so it would be harsh to blame them as they have no legal power in this respect. anyhow, expect a legal battle within the EU between counci & commission over this
I did not want to blame the EU parliament, on the contrary. IMHO the European parliament should have more legal power as they have now, because they are the direct represenatives. Finally the commission should be as the "EU government" approved by and responsible to the EU parliament only.
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