Friday, July 29, 2005

Darth CISCO 

As everybody may have noticed, I had a relaxing 3 weeks vacation, just monitoring some spam-lists such as IETF enum, etc and TISPAN to get prepared for next weeks IETF in Paris. I have not read much other blogs in the meantime, so maybe the issue is know anyway. This is also a bit off-topic, but still somehow connected to VoIP and ENUM:

Working for an incumbent telco I am used that my company is regarded as evil empire by some alternative mo.. ah providers, and also every genuine net head considers Microsoft as such, but as some say, there is nothing such a bad press. So some people Cisco may have got the idea to compete also in this regard:

So Cisco started to harras a security researcher:

Bruce Schneier is writing on his blog about a very interesting incident:

"I've also written about how security companies treat vulnerabilities as public-relations problems first and technical problems second. This week at BlackHat, security researcher Michael Lynn and Cisco demonstrated both points.

Lynn was going to present security flaws in Cisco's IOS, and Cisco went to inordinate lengths to make sure that information never got into the hands of the their consumers, the press, or the public.

Cisco threatened legal action to stop the conference's organizers from allowing a 24-year-old researcher for a rival tech firm to discuss how he says hackers could seize control of Cisco's Internet routers, which dominate the market. Cisco also instructed workers to tear 20 pages outlining the presentation from the conference program and ordered 2,000 CDs containing the presentation destroyed.

In the end, the researcher, Michael Lynn, went ahead with a presentation, describing flaws in Cisco's software that he said could allow hackers to take over corporate and government networks and the Internet, intercepting and misdirecting data communications. Mr. Lynn, wearing a white hat emblazoned with the word "Good," spoke after quitting his job at Internet Security Systems Inc. Wednesday. Mr. Lynn said he resigned because ISS executives had insisted he strike key portions of his presentation.


Nice guy's at Cisco ;-)

More info is here.

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