Friday, September 02, 2005

Not All Austrians are Nice Guys - VoIP-wise 

Forbes Magazine is reporting in VoIP and Vanish how NuFone Network got fooled by an Austrian via Liechtenstein:
Jeremy McNamara knew something was up when he saw the odd trail of calls to Liechtenstein. A customer in Austria ran a scam using the NuFone Network, McNamara's startup in the booming business of VoIP, to route calls to premium numbers (similar to 1-900 numbers) in the 200-year-old principality known for its discreet bankers.


He had signed an Austrian reseller to a bulk deal at 9 cents a minute. NuFone was paid $20,000 over six weeks to route the client's customers over the Internet via NuFone's links to big carriers like Global Crossing.

In came the calls to Liechtenstein, to several dozen $1.90-per-minute numbers set up, he thinks, by the Austrian himself. Then, McNamara believes, the guy cranked out the pricey minutes, collected the charges and disappeared, sticking NuFone with a $450,000 bill owed to the carrier that had zapped the calls to Liechtenstein.

"He would manipulate call times and durations to avoid detection. It was a work of art," McNamara says. He is disputing the charges, but it is unclear whether he can get out of the obligation.
And there are still some people who say there is no money in VoIP!

Post scriptum: For the avoidance of doubt, this is NOT the well known suspects which may come first to your mind ;-)

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