Monday, October 10, 2005

Rome: Seizing the VoIP Opportunities 

As already stated, I attended last week the Jacob Fleming Conference "Seizing the VoIP Opportunities" in Rome. The conference was quite small, about 70 participants and 14 speakers, but the mix and topics covered where quite interesting: Netheads (Alan Duric, Alan Johnston, Netcentrex), fixed operators (BT, Telenor, TeliaSonera, SingTel and Telecom Italia), mixed (KPN and Swisscom Mobile) and T-Mobile International. There was only one group of competitors definitely missing: the new application providers such as SkypeBay, Google and Yahoo!

In my opening remarks I asked basically two questions: "What are these opportunities?" and "Who will seize them?" I expected to be answered at the conference. I also added some of the problems for telcos in my presentation.

It showed at the other speeches that most of the presenting telcos had recognized the problem, are also recognizing the opportunities and are trying to seize them - some with similar approaches, some with different. Common to all presentations was that the future will be all-IP, personal, mobile and nomadic usage will get more and more important, voice will continue to be the killer app, but improved by presence, IM and location based services.

I personally considered the fact interesting that Kennet Radne from TeliaSonera did not even once mention IMS in his presentation "VoIP - a step towards the integrated world"

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