Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Web 2.0 - VoIP 2.0 - Identity 2.0 

Executive summary: goto here and download the presentation from Dick Hardt on Identity 2.0

In detail:

The Blogosphere is currently full of buzz about Web 2.0, of course also because of the Web 2.0 Conference starting today in SFO, and which is booked out. I recognized by reading some blogs that I am also partizipating here without knowing how it is called, because I pepped up my blog recently with some of these gimmicks, such as Plazes, a Jyve botton indicating my Skype status, a link to Technorati pinging a new blog entry and providing in return links to blogs linking to my blog (some may call this some kind of masturbation ;-), sometimes earlier I also put Google Adsense on my blog, to get at least some money back on the effort - I have heard there is also some gimmicks where you can put in donations directly - a kind of virtual offertory box - saving you some time and effort ;-)

What I really like regarding such things is:
1. How easy it is even for html non-literals like me to implement this on my blog template
2. What one can achieve here
3. How many DNS queries one can do within some seconds.

Re 2.: Plazes is a toy, still very beta and not very stable, but I consider it cute. Since I am now location aware because I am working also on emergency services, I like to play around with such things (I also will have a look at the Navizon Wireless Positioning System if I can spare some time). It is also interesting in how many applications Google Maps is popping up, because the entry in the blog is providing you a window to Plazes, which is in turn providing you a window to Google maps ...

Re 3: In explaing ENUM to bellheads one of the first questions is always: "We are very concerned (CONCERS!) about call set-up time. Does this ENUM DNS query not have a serious influence on call setup time?" Most concerns are coming from the mobile operators fearing that there average call setup time of 15 seconds may now increase to 15,001 seconds and subscribers may now all of a sudden start to complain. My answer is always: "Do you know how may DNS queries are taking place if you look up a normal web-page today (and most delays are not caused by the DNS, it is the servers where you query the data)?"

So much about Web 2.0

The version number 2.0 seems to be very popular today. At the VON Brad Garlinghouse from Yahoo! talked in his presentation about Web 2.0 and in analogy about the birth of VoIP 2.0, which means integrated experience, personalization and voice triggered applications, and of course Yahoo! is leading here ;-) The ITU-T NGN and TISPAN IMS S4 Syndrome sickened are talking in the meantime about PSTN Simulation (or was it Emulation?).

Everybody knows that voice and IP Realtime communcations are suffering from an identity problem, like everything currently on the web.

And of course here comes Identity 2.0.

You do not know what I am talking about? Please go to Dick Hardt's (CEO Sxip Identity) webpage and download his Identity 2.0 keynote at the OSCON 2005.

This presentation is a gem, both in content and style. I wish somebody is doing such a presentation on VoIP 2.0, both in content and style.

Re your point #3, I find that amusing from the bellheads too. In fact, I even run up against it in my own company (circuit telephony pusists exist everywhere I think).

It is easily debunked when one points out that the ENUM server we're deploying can, at the edge of the network in a 1U high / 2CPU box, perform at least 30,000 queries per second with nothing getting fetched from cache (when you do that, the #s go up dramatically). I have YET to find a SIP proxy, softswitch, mobile switch or anything else that can initiate 35,000 calls per second. Most are usually in the area of 150 - 300 cps (new calls being initiated, not simulatneous calls/sessions -- two very different things). And even it they could, the answer is 'okay, let's spend another $10,000 and put in a 2nd ENUM server next to the switch.'

They just don't get it I think... ;-)
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