Friday, October 21, 2005

What the F**ck? 

Om Malik pointed me to Flock and of course I tried it out. Result: I can only agree with Mark Evans: Flock - Why All the Buzz?

I understand that Flock is very beta, but one basic idea of Flock is that you can integrate your blog and post directly from Flock, to easily integrate citations from wepages and also pictures from Flikr. So the first thing I tried was to integrate this blog into Flock and make a post here.


The description sounded easy: "Just click here and enter your blog URL, and we do the rest." The only thing what came up here was an error message "unable to contact Blog (although they claim to support blogger) and the option to configure it manually. I tried this, it came up wanting things to know, I up to now didn't even know they exist, so I entered something what seemed to be appropriate, and then Flock crashed.

So Flock is done for me. Maybe in one year I may try it again.

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