Tuesday, November 15, 2005

SkypeIn now also availabe for German Numbers, but ... 

... before you rush in to get a Munich number, hold on, it is only for residents. Guest blogger Tony Steinegger from Austria is explaining detailed how it works on Skype Journal: SkypeIn in Germany with a Twist ...

Interesting also that Spanish Telecom Telefonica partners with Skype to bring SkypeIn numbers to Germany. This was announced in the German media early today.

The data one must provide will be verified, so the process may take 1 or 2 working days, a warning on the Skype subscription page says, but according to Tony a friend got the number within 10 minutes!

I just wonder if the Austrian regulator will start to reconsider the weird requirement of a fixed network termination for geographic numbers in Austria. Currently the only way to get an Austrian geographic number for Skype would be to nail the PC running Skype to the wall.

It is not within the duties and responsibilities of a regulator to hinder national providers minding their business and compete with extraterritorial providers.

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