Wednesday, January 25, 2006

ENUM in Germany (+49) Finally Going into Production 

Today is a very important day both for User and Infrastructure ENUM (see my previous post on XConnect)

After the announcement from Andreas Bäß at the German ENUM Day in September 2005 that ENUM in Germany is now ready for commercial operation and to be started latest January 1th, 2006, everbody was wondering what happened after the start of this year.

Today Dr. Klaus Herzig from DENIC press announced via the German DENIC mailing list that the responsible ministry (Wirtschaftsministerium) has accepted the proposals from DENIC regarding ENUM operation and production is starting immediately.

So last September they seemingly meant the Chinese New Year ;-)

Since all delegations done during the trial will be taken over (different as in Austria), they will start with about 4000 delegations already in. Many delegations in the German trial where for companies with Direct-Dial-In (Germany has like Austria variable number lenght), so the real E.164 number count is much higher.

This announcement is not yet available (neither in German or English) on the DENIC webpage, but the policies kann already be found, although only in German: and

This is a very important step forward for User ENUM, especially for Austria, because from our perspective ENUM is now finally going International, increasing the usability by a factor of 10.

Of course the UK and the US are still missing.

BTW, today Slovenia (+386) requested a delegation with RIPE.

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