Thursday, March 30, 2006

EU Roaming Charges 

After a day or two in shock the European mobile operators seem to recover. Of course Vodafone's Sarin objects, but a bit lame, according to

Vodafone, which operates in 17 EU and non-EU countries, said the EU proposal to scrap the fee to receive a call did not recognize that companies must pay connection costs.

Interestingly T-Mobile says that in theory, it is in favor of lower call charges, but believes competition will bring prices down.

Really? When?

Viviane Reding is still on her task:

She explained that mobile phone users on the continent are slammed with high phone bills simply for crossing a border inside the union. "Today it is only when using your mobile phone abroad you realize that there are still borders in Europe."

It's a lucrative business too: One U.K. newspaper estimated that mobile phone firms make up to 15% of their income from roaming charges.

Reding said the companies generate "pure profit" by charging travelers for receiving a call when they are away, and had paid no heed to warnings they should trim costs.

"Mobile operators seem to have some difficulty understanding my message."

Hear, hear.

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