Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What do you think about IMS? 

Wow, I got mentioned in one line with Henning Schulzrinne and Brough Turner by Steve. That's an honor ;-)

How? Ok, it is about IMS. Steve is pointing to my Rome presentation (so it is obvoius what I think about IMS - he may also have pointed to my VON presentation).

He is also asking Henning and Brough what they think about IMS. Ok, I could have told Steve beforehand: Never ask Henning a simple question, you always get a complicated answer. You have to ask Henning complicated questions to get a simple answer.

I like the answer from Brough:

Me: Brough, I’ve got a question for you?
Brough: What is it?
Me: IMS ?!?!?!
Brough: [laughs]
Brough: I look at it like this. We had the IN [Intelligent Network] for 20 years, and it created 3 services [CallerID, CallWaiting, CallForwarding]. It will take 10 years to build the NGN [IMS] network, and maybe a few services will come out of that too. And in the meantime, the carriers and TEMS are going to need to buy a ton of hardware and software, and NMS is in the business of selling those things.

Ok, to be honest, there is also NP and 800, but basically Brough is at the point. So much about the famous IMS services.

And if you believe it or not, they even trying to sell the carriers boxes to link to the existing IN systems (IM-SSF).

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