Friday, March 17, 2006

VON Day 2 - Thursday - ENUM and Standards Update 

This day I changed one gear down and took it easy. In the morning I joined the ENUM panel "Connected Numbers that Work", because I had nothing else to do. The panel was moderated by Gary Richenaker (Telcordia and ITU-T SG2 Q.1 chair). The panel consisted of the well known suspects Paul Mockapetris (Nominum), Richard Shockey (Neustar), Eli Katz (XConnect and ITSPA) and Adrian Georguescu (AG-Projects). Since I have heard these presentations already (many times) and did not take any notes and also was not very attentive. Maybe I will come back and comment later if the slides will be available.

The rest of the morning I finalized my presentation for the afternoon panel and also watched the funny video "MS Ipod Parody" - a must see. It describes better than anything else the difference in company cultures. And it also shows that there are still some people with humor at MS, because it is confirmed by MS speaker Tom Pilla that the video was created in-house MS.

After having lunch with Henry Sinnreich, Alan Johnston and Michael Slavitch I went back to give my presentation at the Standards Update Panel. I started with my somewhat provocative presentation about the S4-Syndrome, IMS complexity and Walled Gardens (see various posts), and Who cares about the end-user? Maybe it was more provocative as I originally intended, but I was still a bit upset from yesterdays IMS Panel.

I was followed by Markus Isomaki (Nokia) who gave a bit more serious view on the IMS Standards, but also with some slight critcism.

Phil Zimmerman presented his Zfone, which is IMHO an excellent and easy-to-use solution for secure and encryptet communication. It works on top of standard and well-known SIP clients such as X-Lite, Gizmo and SJphone. Phil, Alan Johnston and Jon Callas submitted also in I-D to standardize ZRTP. It does not rely on any PKI Infrastructure. Zfone is available currently for Mac OS X and Linux, a Windows version is announced for mid-April. I am looking forward. I just wonder how this fits into the LI plans of the governments.

Orit Levin (Microsoft) changed jobs and is now responsible for IPTV. She gave a presentation how IPTV can be implemented in IMS, making it even more complex. The S4 Syndrome is speading.

Cullen Jennings (Cisco) summarized the current developments in IETF of security.

Update: Christine is also reporting about this panel

Then I called it a day, after a coffee and a chat with Espen Fjogstad (Telio) on his plans in the mobile arena I went back to the hotel, to have some rest and prepare for Jeff's All Conference Party today, basically to get my ear-plugs ;-)

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