Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The AFNIC Finally Gets It 

Yesterday AFNIC released the following statement:

The AFNIC opens up the .fr domain name to individuals from 20 June 2006
2005 the number of Internet users in France increased from 23.7 million to 26.1 million, which represents 50.5% of the French population over 11 years of age. It is used not only professionally and for online shopping; personal use, an integral part of French daily life, is also increasing. Uses include research, sharing photos, blogs, chat, etc. Individuals are showing a growing desire to stamp THEIR mark on the Internet world.

The AFNIC is reacting to this expectation by allowing all adults with a postal address in France to register domain names ending in .fr. Until now, only professionals, associations or public bodies have been able to register.

From 20 June 2006, everyone can give free rein to their imagination and register the .fr domain name which suits them.

The AFNIC is pleased to be able to participate in and boost Internet use in France in this way and to position .fr as an area for expression and freedom.
Bla, bla ... It took AFNIC quite some time to get the message that also individuals want to have their domain and that they are missing a lot of business. Even the Austrian Registry NIC.AT has more domain names delegated then AFNIC, not to mention DENIC.

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