Monday, April 24, 2006

2nd Annual ENUM Summit - Boston - Day1 

Last week the 2nd Annual ENUM Summit from IQBC took place in Boston. This was a very outstanding event regarding ENUM and related questions such as VoIP Peering and IP Interconnect, because many of the key players in this arena where present and the rest of the audience was very interested in the topic, as the follow-up discussions showed.

I can give you here only a short overview, the two days where really packed with information, so if you are really interested, you should show up next year at the 3rd ENUM Summit or eventually at the fall event in Europe (tba). The next opportunity will be the Marcus Evans ENUM and VoIP Peering Forum 2006 in London, UK. 19-21 June.

The meeting was chaired professionally as usual by Richard Shockey, Neustar and Co-Chair of the IETF ENUM WG.

Day 1 opened early (8.30 a.m.!) quite U.S centric with a keynote of the U.S. Department of commerce's View on ENUM, presented by John M. R. Kneuer, Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information, National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA), to be followed by Karen Mulberry's presentation on "How the U.S. is moving forward with ENUM". Karen was the former chairman of the CC1 ENUM LLC, until she recently moved from MCI to Neustar.

Although Karen tried to present the U.S. situation positive, my personal impression is that the U.S. is currently "moving" forward in ENUM like hedgehogs are mating: very carefully.

After the morning break I gave my presentation on "The Future in an ENUM Enabled Environment", pointing out that the major problem is currently not ENUM, but VoIP Peering or IP Interconnect. I also covered shortly the recent developments in IETF and other standard bodies concerning these issues, but since most other suspects where available anyway, these topics was dealt with in more detail anyway later during the conference. I was also proven right, because most of the later discussions where about Peering and Interconnect.

I was followed by Tim Denton, and consultant of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) on "Legal Liabilities Regarding the Storage of Personal Data in ENUM Registries und US and Canadian Law".

After lunch Philip. A. Winslow presented the view of Credit Suisse First Boston on "The Effect of ENUM and VoIP on the Telecommunications Industry" .

Next was Jason Livingood from Comcast and also the Co-Chair of the IETF SPEERMINT WG with an "In Depth View of Cable Companies Using ENUM", followed by a panel discussion by Jason, Chris Williams (Time Warner Cable) and Jack Burton (Cablevision) on the Cable Operators View of ENUM and VoIP. Currently the cable operators are the most advanced operators regarding ENUM, both in the US and also in Europe (e.g. NL).

The day was closed by two representatives from manufacturers with Frank Jennings from Lucent on "Enabling VoIP Peering with ENUM" and Jim McEachern from Nortel on "ENUM: The Role of the ENUM Variant". Slowly also the large manufactures seems to get an idea of ENUM.

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