Thursday, April 20, 2006

Infrastructure ENUM in Austria on its way 

ENUM as defined in RFC3761 and to be used in is for end-user opt-in. If VoiP providers and/or carriers want to exchange their VoIP calls via IP Interconnect and route the calls via ENUM technology, they need to use a different DNS domain. IETF ENUM WG has re-chartered to deal also with Infrastructure ENUM issues. See here and here. At the IETF meeting in Dallas it was agreed on one side to pursue a long-term solution to implement Infrastructure ENUM in a parallel tree to and on the other hand to implement a temporary solution by splitting off the tree below the country code in, allowing each country independently to start trials immediately.

Austria is again leading: (the Austrian Registry for and RTR, the Austrian Regulator responsible for the delegation of signed an addition to the contract two days ago that is also responsible for the implementation of Infrastructure ENUM in Austria. The addition to the contract (in German) is available from here.

The I-Ds related to Infrastructure ENUM and mentioned in the Dallas Treaty will come out soon. Stay tuned.

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