Friday, April 21, 2006

So long and thanks for the fish 

The Internet seems to be an endangered species already, like the whales and dolphins. This is particulary to be true in some peoples republics, and especially after China's Hu is on consultation tour from West (Bill Gates) to East coast (George Bush) explaining them how to run the Internet in practice. Google already got the message. So there is red alert, Internet-wise. Jeff Pulver launched his Viral Marketing Contest to Save The Internet some days ago.

On Monday a new Coalition will be launched officially, featuring the motto:

Don't Let Congress Ruin The Internet

Key speakers are Craig Aaron and Trevor Fitzgibbon, outstanding individual members are:

Professor Susan Crawford
Professor Lawrence Lessig
Professor Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit)
Professor Timothy Wu

The other members are a weird mix of usual (e.g. Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, Free Press, Alliance for Community Media, Association for Community Networking, etc.)

and in this context rather unusual suspects, e.g. Gun Owners of America. !?!

I have no idea how they get into the picture, but I am only a European and do not get the fine details of DC lobbying. Maybe they are planned as kinda last resort.

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