Friday, March 31, 2006

EU Roaming Charges (2) 

If you want to get more information on how roaming works and about the tariffs charged by your operator in the different countries, the European Commission has set-up a web-page (since October 2005):

Roaming: using my mobile abroad: are prices dropping?

According to Viviane Reding: No, they are not.

Prices for 4 minutes: 3-6 Euro to call home, and 2-4 Euro to be called from home (for YOU).

20-30 Eurocents per SMS is also nice (for the operators) - No, you are not allowed to park afterwards on the spot reserved for handicapped persons - this is only for physically handicapped - not for mentally handicapped. If you bring this forward as an argument, you may loose your drivers licence.

What I am missing is data tariffs when roaming: from my own experience I know that they are around 10 Euro per MB. So this is more then 100 times the price I pay in my mobile home network.

So if for example you get the crazy idea to watch a video on your mobile phone abroad, you are better off just entering the next shop, buy yourself a TV-set, a VCR and the movie. Some people also stupid enough (most only once in their lifetime) to take some pictures on the beach with their mobile phone and send them home via MMS, only to find out that they are busted if they receive the bill next month.

What I also consider a very typical example for the customer service of mobile operators is one of the footnotes to the tables as reason if no prices are given:
Roaming rates were not publicly available on the operator's website at the time of data collection
Ha, trust me, they are available, but very well hidden - I know from experience.

What are the lessons learned? - You can earn a lot of money simply with the laziness and ease of humans.

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