Sunday, June 25, 2006

ENUM and VoIP Peering Forum 

As announced already here, the ENUM and VoIP Peering Forum took place June 19-20th in London. The event was quite well attended and gave a good overview on the current status and situation of both ENUM and VoIP Peering.

I started with an overview on the general situation on User, Infrastructure and Private ENUM, Richard Shockey from Neustar followed with the situation in the IETF and the US.

Michael Haberler (IPA) presented the current status of the Austrian Infrastructure ENUM trial and also gave a short introduction on the work done in SPEERMINT regarding federations.

Andy Reid (BT) spoke about VoIP Business Models, Steve Heap from Arbinet presented SPIDER, Tony Holmes from BT talked about User and Infrastructure ENUM in IK

Kim Fullbrook (O2) and also chair of the GSMA ENUM Ad-hoc group talked about the view of GSMA on Infrastructure ENUM.

Ronan Lupton presented the current status of the Irish User ENUM. The first day ended with John Horrocks (DTI) and ETSI TISPAN WG4 wrapping up the current situation and asking for what the future will bring.

The second day was chaired by Tim Denton, opening up with a view on the Canadian market., followed by George Smine from Nominum

Eli Katz gave the view of XConnect, to be followed by Sikko De Graaf giving the position of the Dutch cable operators.

After Lunch, Jason Livingood, Comcast and Co-chair of SPEERMNT, presented the views of the US Cable Operators on VoIP peering, followed by Tom Kershaw from Versign. Thf day ended with Sabine Dolderer presenting the status of ENUM in Germany.

The conference was an excellent snapshot of the current situation.

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