Friday, June 29, 2007

Apple iPhone Day 

Today is the day Apple iPhone launches. Thousands queue up to buy. Ok, if you have enough market power, this is how you launch new products - be it the new Harry Potter or a gadget. You simply need the 5% idiots who want everything immediately and for any price to finance the remaining 95%.

The Apple iPhone is really looking nice, but will it succeed?

Michael Robertson from Gizmo and Sipphone has an interesting comparison of the 1-button Apple iPhone and the 51-button Nokia E61: Battle of the Buttons. Since I also have a Nokia E61, this is very interesting for me.

In most points the E61 is better, and I agree what he is saying about the major flaw of the E61: configuring and accessing a WiFi-hotspot is a pain ... but if you have done it, it is fine.

And I also fully agree with his conclusion:

"...If your software needs are exactly what Steve Jobs and AT&T dictate and if you don't mind AT&T's hand in your wallet, then fine."

We will see how this works in Europe.


The really easy way to get your WiFi access set up on a dual mode Symbian Series 60 phone (Nokia N and E Series) is to use the Truphone Wizard. This may be downloaded and installed in less than two minute - instructions at

Just check Google for feedback if sceptical.
Its interesting to read older posts on the iPhone. We are now 200 days post sales on iPhone, and Apple has sold 4M units. That's a WOW! >20% market share in smart phones.
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