Thursday, June 24, 2004

VOIP Fritz!Box Fon from AVM

AVM just released Fritz!Box Fon, which gives DSL subscribers a complete VoIP Solution. The box contains the DSL Modem (T-DSL /Arcor Standard), an analog or ISDN FXO port, 2 analog FXS ports for phone or fax, multiple accounts, dialling plans, automatic fall back to PSTN, USB and 10/100 Base-T, SIP, Codecs: G.711, G,723.1, G729A, G726 32bit, QoS traffic shaping, IP-Masquerading/NAT, Stateful Packet Inspection FW, DMZ for own servers.

German technical description at:

Since the box is currently only sold via providers, no price is available.

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