Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Catching up on the blogs after my vacation

Staying away from the Internet during vacation is nice, but the problem comes afterwards, becuse other people keep on going. First one has to catch up with the e-mails. This is still not completely done after one week. The next thing is to cross-read my channel group on VoIP in FeedDemon. Bold news all over the place.

Then you read the following item on isen.blog:

Kudos for Telepocalypse

"Koranteng gushes:

[Telepocalypse author Martin Geddes'] writing is so lucid and the analysis so trenchant that I encourage everyone I know to simply 'follow him around', read everything he writes and revise their business plans, investments etc accordingly. Read all his opinion pieces and come back buzzing with insight at the opportunities and pitfalls in this wonderfull networked world we live in.

I couldn't have said it better myself."

To which I can only agree.

The real problem is that first I found a new blog, second I had to read the full article, which gives another bunch of references, throwing me back in my catching up a full week. Reset.

Not to mention my new laptop. Bringing this piece into full operation and installing all my programms takes another week. Sigh.

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