Thursday, March 10, 2005

SkypeIn soon to come? 

SkypeIn seems to be launched soon. As Andy pointed out, if one searches Skype help for SkypeIn, a lot of information is popping up, such as prices for numbers, which countries will be supported, etc. e.g.:

How much does a SkypeIn number cost?
The prices for one SkypeIn number is 10 Euro for a 3 month subscription or 30 Euro for a 12 month subscription. If your billing address is in the EU, you will be charged 15% VAT when you purchase a SkypeIn number. Therefore total price with VAT is 11.1
What types of SkypeIn numbers can I get?
For now, you can get numbers in a selection of top US cities and states, 0870 numbers in France, 0207 numbers for the City of London in the UK and 819 numbers in Hong Kong. We will be adding more locations in the future.

I post a little note tolet you know about our service
We provide US, CAN, UK, French geographical numbers (Italian and Spanish in a while)

do not hesitate to contact us for more infos

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