Thursday, March 10, 2005

Nominum, ENUM and VoIP 

Nominum is bragging in their website about their ANS. Since I cannot confirm or deny this, I just copy in the content of the page for the esteemed audience:

Nominum delivers groundbreaking ENUM benchmarks for VOIP.

ENUM is a combination of Internet-based technologies designed to map the global Public Switched Telecommunications Network (PSTN) telephone numbers, known as E.164 identifiers, into domain names. ENUM facilitates the convergence of the Internet with traditional telecommunications services.

Whereas the DNS architecture is highly scalable across the Internet, ENUM changes the rules of the game by requiring individual DNS servers to store several orders of magnitude more records, respond with reduced latency, and guarantee 99.999% availability.

To test scalability and performance at ENUM levels, Nominum loaded 200M records into its Authoritative Name Server (ANS) and several other DNS servers. Only ANS loaded the 200M records. All other servers failed at loading even 50M records.

200M RecordsPassFailFailFail
50M RecordsPassFailFailFail

With 200M records loaded, Nominum’s Foundation Authoritative Name Server (ANS) answered to 45,000 queries per second with an average latency of 2 milliseconds.

Click here for the full benchmark results.

Click here for the press release.

Click here to download high performance version of queryperf.

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