Friday, March 11, 2005

Martin about the VON 

Martin just had an entry about the future of the VON conference making some interesting statements:

"It occurs to me that now that the technology for VoIP more-or-less works, the raison d’etre for VON is going away."
"But can you imagine attending a conference called “Web Pages Expo 2005”? “HTTP World 2005”? I suspect not."

No, but there is a very successfull Salon de l' Auto just now in Geneva, the 75th ;-)
And he proposes the answer to this a bit later:

"Instead of a supplier-centric conference, it becomes a user-centric one. I’m sure Pulver will manage the inflection point just fine."

The next statement is:

"But Skype has since provided an existence proof of the usability, quality, scalability and mass adoption of VoIP."

I must admit I have it not seen that way, but this is absolutely correct. Of course one question remains: was Skype only the proof-of-concept, and now the serious business and commercialisation may start, or is SkypeInandOut already the new business model and all others are only me-too's?

and finally:

"Notably absent from VON are mobile carriers."

This was also my impression already at the last VONs and I asked my-self aready why?

My impression in talking to mobile operators is that they are still spoilt by their past (and present) success, in do not see yet in their arrogance the upcoming signs of doom an the wall of their garden. They consider all IP Telephony, WiFi and Skype as toys, the real business will of course be IP, but in 3GPP/UMTS and IMS. They do not recognise that the device manufactures are undermining their business silently with more and more dual-mode and general purpose devices, and if, their first idea is how to prevent and block this. The fixed network operators are fazinated staring at the seemingly success and try to mimic it with also adopting the IMS model in a Me-Too approach.

I think they all need a wake-up call and I think Skype is doing a good job here too.

Martin finally points to the F2C event from Isenberg taking place March 30-31 in Washington, DC. Since I will be in Washington exactly at this date to partizipate in the 3GPP/TISPAN/ATIS Workshop on IMS, I may reconsider where to go.

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