Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Lightreading is reporting on the ETSI ENUM Plugtests™ which took place last week in Sophia Antipolis, France:

The ETSI Plugtests™ interoperability event for Telephone Number Mapping (ENUM) has successfully provided a neutral setting for engineers to carry out testing against the ENUM standard. ENUM allows users to put phone numbers on the Internet and use them to receive Email, voice calls, and everything that a phone and the web can provide.


Ronan Lupton, Head of Regulatory Affairs & EMEA Interconnect Policy, MCI International Affairs said:

“The ETSI ENUM Plugtests event provided an expert meeting of corporations and minds dedicated to communications convergence and efficient global network architectures.”

The following organisations attended this ENUM Interoperability event, which was hosted by ETSI Plugtests & supported by the eEurope initiative of the European Commission:

AG Projects, Atlas Internet, DNS-MODA, Enum.at, Etisalat, MCI Inc., NASK, Nominet UK, Nominum, Inc., Roke Manor Research Ltd., SIEMENS AG, T-Systems International GmbH, SSC ENPS Berlin and VeriSign Inc.

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