Friday, August 12, 2005


I am currently a week on vacation in London with the family, enjoying the dry and warm weather (no kidding). I also enjoy to read the English newspapers and discuss in Pubs the real hot issue: 24-hour drinking in UK. (Who cares about British food in British Airways made by an US company? - I do not understand the problem).

There is an increasing resistance against, because some say the British drinking habits cannot be compared with the adult drinking habits in (Southern) Continental Europe, because here drinking is always connected with food. The Brits drink without food and cannot stop until last orders are called. There is also this habit that in a group of people everybody has at least to pay one round. Naive Non-Brits try to argue: "If this is a large group, you cannot drink so much". The simple answer given is always: " Maybe, but at least we try".

On the other hand the papers say the Brits start to spoil the French already, some mention "Wine Bars Anglais" to be seen in Paris, where people can drink wine without having a meal. Knowing the French, I personally think that a Frenchman would rather change to the opposite side of the street than entering a "Wine Bar Anglais".

I found an excellent counter argument in yesterdays "The Independent":

"The Governement is extending opening hours so people will drink more, fall over and not commit crime."

Sounds reasonable.

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