Tuesday, September 13, 2005

EBay - Sykpe - PayPal Roundup 

The blogging scene was quite shocked by the eBay-Sykpe deal, everybody of course reported the fact, but then there was a short pause. Most needed some time to get their grips together an analyse what the implications are - me too - and I am still not sure.

So I waited on the experts and of course they all stated thinking loudly. Now I wanted to write a wrap-up, but I found out that Alec Sounders did this already ;-) So no need to do this again.

I may only add that he missed one of the best Skype experts: James Enck.

James wrote a series:
Niklas and Meg 4-ever
I remember Skype

Many are seeing the most synergy between Skype and PayPal, James is also pointing at Telcoland in Chastened?:

To the collective group of telcos who consistently adopted an adversarial stance towards Skype, or dismissed it as heretical or ridiculous, I think you have really and truly blown it by not taking out Skype yourselves at some earlier stage in its development...

and concludes:

No doubt the telcos will probably laugh at eBay, but I can't help but feel that this situation is a shameful reflection of the shortsightedness of telcoland.

I only can agree: yesterday I was in a meeting with a majority of telco people when the message came through, and especially the mobile operators where laughing and joking about Skype and Ebay. They still do not get the message - until it will be too late.

Pride goes before fall - or- presumptious and stupid.

On the other hand, the whole issue could be much simpler, as Patriza is summarizing it in one sentence:

Good grief, with a nearly $5 billion carrot (if all financial incentives are met) dangling in front of them, the Skype folks would have been IDIOTS not to take eBay's dumb money.

For a more economics-based take on the Skype / eBay deal, it's worth reading Umair Haque's blog at www.bubblegeneration.com/2005/09/ebay-skype-acquired-at-2.cfm and www.bubblegeneration.com/2005/09/more-ebay-skype-strategy-edition-ok.cfm.
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