Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Mobile Snatchers 

Andy is pointing to a must read in Time Europe Magazine: The Mobile Snatchers.

Ok, dual-mode mobile devices are nothing new and I mentioned them various times on my blog, e.g. the OnePhone from Longboard is around since two years and also Skype is planning SkyeMobile since beginning of the year. See also the recent interview with Niklas Zennstrom in digitimes daily and the activities related to SkypeZones and Boingo.

What is interesting with the above mentioned article is that WiFi and dual-mode mobiles are seemingly coming into the mainstream and to non-technical users, as the example given from Athens International Airport shows.

I have heard recently in London another story proving this: The first thing construction companies do on a site is getting a DSL connection and setting up a WiFi-hotspot. All construction workers then use PDA and laptop to communicate with each other and back to the office via Skype and also use Skype filesharing to exchange construction plans, etc.

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