Friday, October 21, 2005

Follow-up on WSJ article 

Frank A. Coluccio has an interesting reply in his Forum in Silicon Investor regarding the Wall Street Jounal article (restricted): Phone, Cable Firms Rein In Consumers' Internet Use I referenced in my last post as reply to the previous post containing the WSJ article.

However, when it comes to wireline broadband services offered by the incumbents, they will very likely leverage that same argument to thwart free VoIP services in order to restrict users from using alternatives to their own revenue-producing voice services, even where the latter offerings by the incumbents may also be VoIP, as well.

Truth be told, while VoIP works best over broadband facilities, it doesn't "consume" very much bandwidth at all.


and he concludes:

One could suggest that the Incumbents' light more lambdas over their fibers in the transport networks that feed those last mile access networks, and start taking advantage of the alleged bandwidth glut that is said to still exist, and stop whining over red herrings like VoIP, which, admittedly, does serve to draw revenues away from the incumbents, but at the same time do not consume all that much bandwidth. For what it's worth ...

I can only agree.

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