Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Week on the Blogs 

After a busy weekend and also after the busy conference on ENUM in Frankfurt, I checked my FeedDemon what I missed on the blogs last week- it is a nice collection, here are the highlights:

P2P VoIP offerings exploding :
Sony starts IVE, Yak Communications launches yakForFree, Fairytel launches in Austria. For several months in beta now: VoipBuster. BroadVoice was elected No. 1 VoIP provider by Wired Magazine. Finally, iPhone2 wants to move to the NASDAQ.

Regarding Sony's IVE: Sony's IVE? Pardon me while I yawn

Susan Crawford is furious about Universal Service news and CALEA creep, and so is James Enck If it ain't broke

Susan again back from WSIS: Post-WSIS
and James: Calling Dr. Orwell citing:

"Telephone networks are made up of regional, domestic networks united together in agreement of the ITU framework. A similar situation may start with the internet." (?)

implying that after taking the Internet apart you need the ITU to put it together again - nice try ;-)

A message from down under:
Australian VoIP Policy Framework Includes a separate non-geographic numbering scheme

The CableLabs issues RFI for VoIP peering caused also some stir-up at the ENUM Summit.

The Sony DRM mess is still not over OPINION://Land of the setting Sony by Martin Geddes.

Martin also had again the funniest post of the week:

Web 1.0: “Please enter your username and password.”
Web 2.0: “Please enter your username and password. Note: Javascript must be enabled.”
Web 3.0: “Please select your federated identity provider. Please wait whilst you are being redirected. Please enter your username and password. Please wait whilst you are being redirected.”
Web 4.0: “Hello, Martin.”
Web 5.0: “Hello, Boris.” Hey, I’m not Boris!
Web 6.0: “Welcome to IMS:HyprTxt-Global. You have 287 web page credits remaining. Select your destination web page from the drop-down menu of approved secure partners.”

The funniest? BTW, talking about IMS:

The idiots guide to IP-based Converged Services - how to build and launch them?

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