Monday, January 30, 2006

SIP Cargo Cult 

Some statements from Fred Goldstein regarding SIP, NGN and IMS/TISPAN:
The vision these guys have is indeed bizarre. They are taking the Internet's protocols and using them in the most non-Internet way. The irony is that most of the protocols are being overstretched by far, as if they were optimal for things where they are a bad fit. They buy into the IP religion, especially the SIP cargo cult, without really understanding why. The IMS/TISPAN effort is architectural nonsense.

Commercial Mobile Wireless, though, has enforced scarcity, and therefore is profitable. So others, like wireline operators, may turn to them for guidance. Like a cargo cult, they see the rich foreigner, see the box he left behind, and assume that the box is the source of the foreigner's obvious wealth.
Sad, but true.
Ok, I provoked him by pointing him to the slides from the Copenhagen workshop ;-)

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