Thursday, January 26, 2006

UPDATE:// ENUM in Germany - Official Press Release 

Now also the official press release (in English) is available: DENIC Launches Productive Phase of ENUM.

On January 23, DENIC has switched the administration of ENUM domains over to regular operation. Following a successful trial phase, in which around sixty companies and numerous other interested parties were involved, and a positive appraisal by Germany's Federal Network Agency, the new full-scale ENUM service is now available to anyone holding a telephone number in Germany. It is possible to arrange for registrations through many of DENIC's members.


One of the main things that customers wishing to use ENUM will notice with the move into regular operation is that they will have an increasingly wide choice of new product solutions from ever more suppliers. Currently, more than sixty DENIC members are already able to handle requests dealing with ENUM domains, and more than 4000 such domains have already been registered in Germany. This figure is deceptively low, since one ENUM domain is sufficient for operating whole telephone installations with unlimited numbers of extensions, which means that the number of subscribers already using ENUM is very much higher. One good example is the Saarland University in Saarbr├╝cken, which is already using ENUM for all its extensions.

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