Sunday, March 19, 2006

Global Warming 

After a very cold and snow-rich winter in Austria (since the beginning of January the temperatures where mostly below 0°C, sometimes even -20°C in Vienna at night). I was really looking forward to go to sunny California and then to warm, dry and sunny Texas.

Nada, in San Jose it was raining the whole week, quite cold (just above 0°C) and snow on the surrounding hills.

Yesterday I arrived in Dallas, TX and of course it was raining cats and dogs, stormy and cold weather (about 10°C). Everybody explained to me that this was long expected and necessary, but I would not have minded this to be one week earlier or later. The IETF could have stayed in Minneapolis as well. Or do they get sponsered by the state of TX to bring the rain and cold down from Minneapolis? I did not have so much troubles with the cold weather there, as long as you can make it over to the Brits Pub.

Some people explained also to me that this bad weather is caused by Global Warming. If so, I want to have back the warm and sunny days from the Ice Age.

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