Sunday, March 19, 2006

VON Day 3 - Friday - Wrap up 

The Spring VON 2006 ended for me with the Blogger Speak Out, although in a bit different combination as advertised: moderator Andy, panelists Christine, David, Paul Kapustka and myself, Jeff Pulver was first row in the audience.

Andy wanted to be the session similar to blog posting, so everybody is making a post and gets comments, both from the other bloggers and from the audience.

The first round was a personal presentation of the panelists and also statement why the are blogging and why they are reading blogs. Because all for panelist had a different professional background, this was quite interesting.

The second round started as discussion on the favorite topics, but it ended with a kind of VON wrap-up and future directions of the VON.

I heard from many sides that a lot of people where somewhat disappointed by the exhibition, because there was more business-as-usual then groundbreaking new topics. One could interpret this also in a positive way that VoIP and related topics are now entering mainstream - therefor business-as-usual.

Since I am more in the sessions then in the exhibition floor: my impression here also was mixed. on one side I saw again excellent presentations, besically from the usual suspects, on the other hand there where als some sessions I definitely had problems with, as already posted. This is not against the composition of the topics by the Pulver people, on the contrary, it shows that everybody is allowed to present his position. This is also one of the benefits of the broad spectrum here that one gets more then one opinion.

And there are also some new topics emerging: Video, IPTV and TV over Internet and the related business models, community driven applications and also identity issues.

A was a bit disappointed with the policy and regulatory discussion in the US going in circles or even backwards. Jim Kohlenberger from the VON Coalition gave an excellent overview about the on-going battle in Washington and also with state legislation.

Of course the best presentation was as already stated the one from Lawrence Lessig on Tuesday morning. Jeff is giving a press and blog coverage here and I am also looking forward for the release of the recorded session.

The second hightlight for me was the SIP P2P session on Wednesday evening.

To summarize: a excellent opportunity to get a status-update and to do networking. I personally are really looking forward to the Spring VON Europe 2006 in Stockholm in May.

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