Monday, April 24, 2006

2nd Annual ENUM Summit - Boston - Day2 

The second day of the 2nd Annual ENUM Summit was opened even earlier at 8 a.m. by the chair Richard Shockey, presenting an update of current status of the ENUM WG.

Penn Pfautz and Tom McGarry (AT&T) talked about ENUM and Local Number Portability (LNP). ENUM is the also the optimal solution for number portability.

Paul Mockapetris (Nominum) and prime creator of the DNS gave his presentation "Harmonizing the World of IP Communications with ENUM Technologies", explaining also the underlying basics of the DNS.

Gary Richenaker (Telcordia) and also ITU-T SG2 Q.1 Rapporteur (the Qestion responsible for E.164) talked about "Merging Private to Public ENUM". Gary is also involved in ENUM since the beginning and brought up the interesting view point that ENUM is now nearly around an full circle:

It started with User ENUM in IETF and SG2, then Infrastructure ENUM was discussed (e.g. at ETSI), now the first large scale applications are done in Private ENUM (e.g. with cable operators, mobile operators and also enterprises), but there is a common consensus reached (also in IETF) that a global and unique solution it finally required, leading again to Infrastructure ENUM. Since may finally again foster User ENUM, but not for IP Interconnect purposes, but for additional end-user enum services. We see currently some of them popping up at the IETF ENUM WG.

The morning was closed by Sean Kent from Verisign on "Carrier to Enterprise Peering".

After lunch the conference continued with two panels, one about SIP Peering and ENUM with Matt Stafford (Cingular), Doug Hilmes (Syniverse Technologies) and Hunter Newby (The Telix Group), the other on "Practical Issues of VoiP Peering) with Lane Patterson (Equinix), Akio Sugeno (Telehouse) and Aaron Hughes (Terremark).

David Meyer (Cisco and also Co-Chair of the IETF SPEERMINT WG gave an overview on the current status of discussion within ENUM and VoIP Peering. To summarize, the current discussion about terminology and definitions an the Speermint mailing list (as I know from my own experience) ist still in an early and confused state and this was also shown at this meeting. We are still far away from a common consensus.

Doug Ranalli (Netnumber) presented about "Carrier-ENUM" Implementations by Mobile Operators and the meeting was closed accordingly by a panel discussion of ENUM in the Mobile Space with Doug Hilmes (Syniverse), Timothy Jasionowski (Nokia) and Matt Stafford (Cingular).

Short summary of the meeting: private ENUM implementations are a fact, especially with cable and mobile operators, Infrastructure ENUM is the next hot issue of the year and User ENUM is lurking in the background.

This week I will participate at the Joint TISPAN/GSMA meeting on ENUM in London. At this meeting the current status of discussion at ETSI TISPAN on Interconnect and the current status of the ENUM implementation within GSMA and the further plans of GSMA regarding IPX will be discussed. Stay tuned.

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