Saturday, April 01, 2006

VoIP Hype #2 Over? 

For the avoidance of doubt, this is an April's Fool joke.

Some of us discussed at the last Spring VON 2006 that the 2nd VoIP Hype seems to be at it's peak or soon will be topping.

There was a common agreement among us that an early indicator will be if Jeff is selling the VON circus a second time.

Today Andy is reporting that O'Reilly is buying both Pulvermedia and TMC and will merge the two companies.

OTOH, this is April 1st. So, who knows?

The VoIP Hype being over does of course not mean that VoIP is gone, it is the other way round:

VoIP will be mainstream, business as usual.

Or quoting Rich Tehrani quoting Christian Stredicke:
This is the year where a purchasing manager has to explain why they are buying TDM equipment.

Prior to this time you had to explain why you were purchasing VoIP equipment.

Richard, that was a bad April Fools joke.

Just catching up on the fake postings. I was offline, having fun at a "Geek Camp" when the information was first posted...Jeff
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